Our methodology is aimed to achieve fast results with high levels of assertiveness. You can rest assured that NUMAN will do its very best to meet your requirements and become an extension of you in the market.



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In order to guarantee a successful talent recruiting process, a holistic approach to this challenge is crucial. Consequently, before confirming of any recruiting mission, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of the company, the area or department involved in the search, and the people who work there, both in terms of “hard” facts and of cultural and behavioral factors. Following our consultative style,
at this point, the consultant in charge provides feedback based on market knowledge as regards compensation, market supply, competition status, challenges, and suggested adjustments to ensure a successful search.


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In order to find the best results in terms of time and assertiveness, we deploy simultaneously all available tools, including [private and public] database search, activation of wide networking resources, and consultation with high-seniority professionals who may contribute information on potential candidates. Business contacts and target candidates are sought after (in the headhunting process), and we also use job search engines to generate job applications.


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The candidate presentation and interview process is centered around priorities indicated by the client, and our methods of establishing relations with candidates are adjusted as needed. We can conduct remote, in-person, or group interviews. Additionally, our offices are at client disposal if they want to keep their identity confidential up to the last instances of this process. We are committed to only introducing candidates aligned with the search parameters established, so as to not waste the time of any actors involved. Our work ends only after candidate and company reach an agreement.


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We reach the successful closing of this process when both parties, company and professional, are convinced that they have made the right decision, one that will lead them to a better future. In NUMAN, we bet on the professional development of candidates who become a part of our clients’ teams. In order to do so, we follow closely all participants during the process; we take note of final candidates, and we advise companies during the final stage of negotiation with candidates.


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For NUMAN, our work does not end once the candidate is hired by the company; we follow up until they have adapted to both the position and the company culture among which they are meant to work. To that end, we implement a pre-agreed follow-up methodology so as to provide the client with feedback derived from meetings conducted with the candidate after they have been hired.